Pay per Click advertising is an exceptional innovation in online marketing. This is a proven way to drive relevant traffic to your website. As the name implies, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Your ad is displayed when someone types in a search term that is the same or similar to your chosen keywords, bringing interested potential clients straight to your site. Our PPC/ Google AdWords experts implement a strategic PPC campaign for your business, giving you maximum momentum online..

The first ten results on page 1 of searches on Google receive 89% of all searched traffic on the internet today.

It is absolutely critical to appear on the first page of Google, for both international and local South African searches, in order for your website to perform well.

You have 7 seconds to impress users with your website. That’s all the time you have to convey the importance and authority of your company, through the design of your website.

Elegant, high quality, high impact designs are the qualities needed to gain the trust of your users. If your site appears “low budget” or semi professional, it will hurt the chances of gaining the internet traffic needed from visitors from South Africa or abroad.

Search engines are constantly improving their results by providing the “best” possible results, the top search engines have a very good idea of the kinds of pages and sites that satisfy the end user.

Unlike before, HTTPS pages will now have an actual boost in search and will be shown to users by default. What this means for webmasters is that they need to ensure they’ve implemented security certificates properly to provide the best possible experience for visitors and retain their search positions. One of the most important web security measures, SSL has been long established as an industry standard in the US and other countries, now gaining more attention as one of Google’s search ranking factors. For the SEO world, this means that more webmasters will need to consider improving their website security practices and thus directly improve users’ experience.


SEO makes it simple to gain an online presence. With SEO in place, you have a solid foundation for all other marketing services onwards. We assist by improving your website's visibility to ensure your website is show in the search results.


  • BE FOUND - Wider range of keywords than SEO
  • INSTANT - Other marketing efforts can take some time, whereas PPC is instant
  • REPORTING - We monitor and provide reporting, ensuring your adwords are targeted
  • CONTROL SPEND - Keeping your finger on the control button of your budget
  • TARGETED - Your market is strategically targeted
  • KEYWORDS - We research and use the correct keywords, which is best for your business